Four Reusable Shopping Trolley Bag System Non Woven

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Four Reusable Shopping Trolley Bag System

Our shopping trolley bag system comprises four reusable shopping bags of various sizes. The system is racked and spread across the supermarket trolley for a series of open and upright bags to sort out groceries during shopping. The Bags are reusable and can be separated for single or any combination of use. They can be rolled up into one unit for easy carry.

* Reusable, durable and eco-friendly
* 4 different sizes compartments
* 4-colour bag set
* Velcro-enabled
* Non-woven fabric top
* Mesh bottom
* Easy to use
* Foldable and rollable
* Washable

* Material: Non-woven fabric
* Colour: Red, Orange, Green, Blue
* Red Dimensions: 53cm x 26cm x 50cm
* Green Dimensions: 49cm x23cm x 50cm
* Orange Dimensions: 41cm x 20cm x 46cm
* Blue Dimensions: 35cm x 20cm x 42cm

Package Content:
1 x Shopping Trolley Bag System