Aroma Bears

AromaBears developed by an Australian Sleep Therapist and Paediatric Sleep Consultant.

Heat Pack:

Please remove the AromaBearapy Felt Patch before heating. 

Place AromaBear and a cup with a small amount of water in the centre of the microwave. 

Place AromaBear so that the turntable, internal plate and AromaBear can all turn freely in the microwave. 

All microwaves vary, but we have found 2 minutes is a good starting point for microwaves up to 900Watts. Increase time by 30seconds at a time until desired temperature is reached. 

Remove AromaBear from microwave and squeeze tummy firmly several times to ensure even temperature distribution before giving to child. 


Remove Aromatherapy Felt Patch from your AromaBears back pocket. 

Place 1-2 drops of your favourite Pure Essential Oil on the Felt Patch, then place back inside the AromaBear. 


Essential oil products are not recommended for use on infants under 12months of age or during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Please consult your treating healthcare professional for use of essential oils on children, during pregnancy, while breast feeding, with a medical condition or with medication.

AromaBears have not been evaluated by the Therapeutic Goods Association.